Alex Ayzenberg
Alex Ayzenberg Managing Partner Financial Advisor, RJFS

I began my career with the simple idea that I could help people establish their path to financial stability and success. After graduating from Baruch College, I began work as a financial advisor for Oppenheimer & Co. in 1992, where I started my journey of helping others accomplish their financial goals. Following my employment at Oppenheimer, I found myself at A.G Edwards, where I not only became the Vice President of Investments, but also met lifelong friends who I work with today at TEN10 Wealth Management Group. Since then I have worked at Raymond James & Associates as a Vice President of Investments until 2019, when I opened my own independent office with the help of Raymond James and old friends.

Twenty-seven years later, my mission of helping others accomplish financial stability and success continues on. My experience in dealing with people from all walks of life and various financial needs and concerns allows me to create specialized financial plans addressing each individual’s wants/needs.

Working at large firms like AG Edwards and Raymond James & Associates gave me the experience and opportunity to go to the independent channel within Raymond James and open my own office.

Working because you want to, not because you have to is financial freedom.

Tony Robbins