Alex Ayzenberg
Alex Ayzenberg Managing Partner Financial Advisor, RJFS

The story of how I ended up in finance is not your typical story. At the age of 13, my family and I emigrated from the Ukraine to the United States to “achieve the American dream.” We arrived with nothing but our suitcases, and had to learn a new language, new customs and a new way of life. We became the epitome of a hard-working blue-collar family. I watched my parents work hard and save and experienced the “we made it” moment with them when they bought their own home. This showed me the power of smart financial decisions and piqued my interest in finance.

By chance, I attended college near Wall Street and my first part-time job threw me into the thick of the industry. I quickly learned investing wasn’t only for the wealthy, and working in finance was more than just working with money. It’s about helping people – more importantly, educating people.

Whether you’re a young family looking to buy a first home or a bit older and planning for retirement, I am here to help guide you and help you navigate through the emotional ups and downs of your financial journey.

Outside of the office – my life with my wife and two adult kids is pretty busy. From volleyball to soccer, we all have a love for sports. Moments with my family remind me of why it all matters.

I value my roots and understand what it's like to start with nothing. Helping to guide people toward financial success is not just my job — it's my passion, and I find joy in helping people achieve their financial dreams – just as my family did decades ago.

Working because you want to, not because you have to is financial freedom.

Tony Robbins